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Allama Iqbal Essay

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This essay delves into his early life, literary contributions, philosophical legacy, political involvement, and enduring impact, highlighting the relevance of Iqbal’s thoughts and teachings.

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Allama Iqbal was a famous philosopher, poet, and leader in British India. He was also called Mufakkir-e-Pakistan (The Thinker of Pakistan) and Shair-e-Mashriq (The Poet of the East). He was a big reason why Pakistan was created. Iqbal was born on November 9, 1877, in Sialkot, British India, which is now Pakistan. His philosophical and artistic writings are still read and loved by people worldwide.

Early Life and Education

Allama When he was young, Iqbal had a strong desire to learn and a deep love for books. He attended school in Lahore, Cambridge, and Munich, earning law and philosophy degrees. His unique view on life, spirituality, and the human situation was shaped by his exposure to Western philosophy and deep understanding of Islamic teachings.

Literary Contributions

Allama Iqbal wrote much poetry. His poems have elements of Persian, Arabic, and Urdu. In his poetry, he often wrote about finding oneself, faith, and the need to bring the Islamic world back to life. “Lab Pe Aati Hai Dua Ban Ke Tamanna Meri” and “Tarana-e-Milli” are two of his most famous poems that still move people today.

Philosophical Legacy

Iqbal’s spiritual ideas were based on the idea of Khudi, which means “selfhood.” He believed that each person should grow and become self-realized. He thought intellectual and moral awakening could bring back the Islamic spirit and encouraged Muslims to aim for excellence in many areas.

Political Involvement

Allama Iqbal was an author, philosopher, and politician simultaneously. He fought for Muslims’ rights in British India and was a key figure in the creation of the All-India Muslim League. The idea of a separate Muslim state was sparked by his famous Allahabad Address in 1930. This idea finally led to the creation of Pakistan in 1947.

Legacy and Impact

The cultural, intellectual, and political landscape of the Indian subcontinent would never have been the same without Allama Iqbal’s accomplishments. It became a fact when Pakistan was created, his dream of a free Muslim state. People worldwide, across boundaries and languages, are still moved by his poetry.


Allama Iqbal’s life and work show how strong ideas can be and how one person can have a huge effect on the future of a country. People who want to learn more about themselves, become wiser, and improve the world can use his poems and philosophical lessons as a guide. Allama Iqbal is still a revered figure, remembered for making Pakistan possible and his lasting contributions to writing and philosophy.