Own & Write By Safdar Ali

I am Safdar Ali. I am living in Pakistan, City of Rawalpindi. I graduated in Journalism from the University of Punjab as a private student. I started my career in an SEO job in 2017 and am now an SEO Expert and Content writer.

I am a young boy with a cleft lip palate. I have no friends due to my defective face and speaking problem. Therefore, I spent all my time at home and created the best recipes and Ideas out of a love of good food and home cooking.

I particularly enjoy baking cakes and biscuits to share with family and friends. I have been making some of these delicious recipes over many years and enjoy experimenting with new ideas, too, most of which turn out well but occasionally not so well!

I am a fan of all types of recipes. I like long and short lists of ingredients or complicated processes and aim to share recipes which are easy to follow. I am an expert at turning complex recipes into easy recipe ideas, and then I share them with all my people.

Note: When you try my recipes, then please send me the feedback.